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For over 20 years I published a church bulletin under the title of Reflections On Truth. The bulletin started when I preached in Evansville, Indiana and continued for 13 years in Zion, Illinois. The bulletin has ceased publication, but this Web site contains nearly every church bulletin article we printed during the past 20 years.

New: Free Book On The Genealogy Of Christ

The Genealogy Of Christ. When most people read the Bible, they skip the over sections that deal with the genealogies of Bible characters. However, the Bible places great emphasis upon the ancestry and genealogy of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:3–4; Heb. 7:14). The genealogy of Christ is often neglected, and yet it was (and is) of vital importance to those concerned about salvation. The study shows how the genealogy of Christ proves the following points: 1) God fulfilled His promise to Abraham, 2) Christ's right to be King on David's throne, 3) Christ's throne is not on this earth, 4) The importance of women and Gentiles, and 5) The end of the Levitical priesthood (PDF file size: 372k).

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